All of a sudden, I feel invincible

19 | german
he/him they/them
biromantic homosexual
computer science
likes yaoi(i used to call myself a fudanshi, but nowadays you just can't do that)
aug 15
very affectionate
loves his friends!

first of all! if you can't cope with me and you are about to block me then please tell me why! because i cry a lot about people i like. otherwise feel free to continue and be my friend!


codingwood laseringwatching anime & reading mangalanguages


furry (has nothing to do with sexualizing animals, dumbass, if you still think so please leave, you should read this and this) nier: automatahaikyuudetective conanbnhadanganronpanoragamivocaloiderasedinuyasha

the bois i luv

tooru oikawa (haikyuu)dazai osamu (bsd)atsushi nakajima (bsd)ginji (kakuriyo no yadomeshi)shouto todoroki (bnha)shouyo hinata (haikyuu)hajime hinata/izuru kamukura (danganronpa) makoto naegi (danganronpa)yasusada yamatonokami (touken ranbu)

music i listen to(artists and genres)

vaporwavejpopkraftwerkporno graffittimai kuraki

let's get along!